Crank Up Your Curb Appeal

Crank Up Your Curb Appeal Looking to crank up your home’s curb appeal? Create an attention-grabbing style with our tips and tricks for simple ways to enhance your home’s exterior.   HOW CAN I ENHANCE MY HOMES CURB APPEAL?   Those architectural details make your home unique – play them up! Does your home have […]

How to Prepare an Old Deck for Painting

Is your deck looking a little worse for wear? Do you wish it was in better shape for entertaining or enjoying with your family? Weather and time can take a heavy toll on your deck, leaving the paint peeling and chipped and overall looking less than stellar. But painting an old deck requires proper preparation. […]

Birthstone-Inspired Paint Palettes

Birthstone-Inspired Paint Palettes Most of us know our birthstone. But how familiar are you with the unique and wonderful characteristics your gemstone is thought to possess? Join our colorful journey to discover curated Sherwin-Williams paint palettes inspired by each month’s birthstone and its meanings. Plus, find the inspiration, guidance, tools—and even free color chips—to get […]


January 2024 COLOR OF THE MONTH UPWARD Ease into the ethereal atmosphere of a soft blue that evokes the perfect peace of a morning walk on the beach. Upward’s easygoing attitude inspires simple yet total contentment.                           Relaxed            […]

3 Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

The holidays are knocking at the door with guests not far behind. It’s a joyful but busy season of hosting and gathering. We’ve pulled together three simple DIYs to help you freshen up your home yet leave you ready to relax and enjoy all the moments that matter most. Photo Courtesy of @jg_propertysolutions Featured Color: Iron Ore […]

5 Ceiling Paint Colors We Love Who says color should be limited to walls? Elevate your space by selecting just the right hue for your ceiling! From calming greens to bold blues and plenty of shades in between, the ceiling color you choose can make a room feel brighter, cover surface imperfections, create a cozy […]

Dining Room Colors Inspired by Holiday Treats

Dining Room Colors Inspired by Holiday Treats Whether they’re chocolate-covered or sugar-sprinkled, these holiday treats are baked with color inspiration that dining rooms are eyeing. Sit back with a cup of hot cocoa and your favorite holiday treat as you find a dining room color palette that gets your mouth watering. PEPPERMINT BARK Nothing says […]

Color Blind-Friendly Home Paint Guide

Color Blind-Friendly Home Paint Guide An estimated 300 million people experience some form of color vision deficiency, otherwise known as color blindness. For those who are not color blind, it can feel nearly impossible to comprehend how those who fall on the color blind spectrum perceive color. Understanding the different forms of color vision deficiencies […]


Just like the surf that inspired it, Silvermist’s cool tone can look both blue and green. You’ll be ready to embrace both as you drift away on the coastal vibes of this gentle hue that’s so serene, you’ll be dreaming of breezy ocean air.   SEASIDE STYLE The August palette brings the ocean home with […]


Walk on the wild side with a dose of jungle-inspired color. Kale Green’s lush tone feels like it was picked straight from the tropics and placed into a maximalist oasis where no rules are the rules. ALIVE WITH COLOR Make room for more of what you love with a style and color that brings the […]