CEILINGS…are looking up!

Ceiling paint is often thought of as a necessity, and not a design choice. For decades, white has been considered not only the best but also the safest choice. Fads come and go, generally there are four easy ceiling painting solutions.

#1 White flat is the choice for all rooms big or small, tall or short, bathrooms or kitchens. The reason is white flat paint touches up easily when small repairs need to be made, it also hides imperfections, goes with every color and shows nice contrast. Light painted ceilings make walls feel higher and rooms more open, “frames” color walls and draws attention to architectural features like crown molding.

#2 Add a darker color to a ceiling. This can add excitement and drama to a room. It can also make rooms with high ceilings seem more intimate. It’s often effective for a bedroom or bathroom where you want to relax and linger. Generally, it is not recommended for heavy living areas.

#3 Paint your ceiling slightly lighter than your walls. We suggest selecting a color that is 30% lighter than your wall color to compensate for how indirect light hits the ceiling surface.

#4 Lastly, choose to paint your ceiling the same color as your walls. This can be a real timesaver. No cutting in or masking, less paint needs to be purchased and it help hide odd wall angles.

When it comes to finishes, we do recommend a flat, but higher-sheen paints may be appropriate in some small kitchens and bathrooms. Higher sheen paints do show more surface flaws, but can be wiped clean much easier. One of our consultants can help you raise your expectations for ceiling paint options!

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