Hands on Painter’s Senior Tradesman Program

Starting a new business can be daunting. Jonathan Zawacki, owner of Hands on Painters, knows this all too well. He started his first business called Jonathans Odd Jobs way back in 1996. Three years later Hands on Painters, Inc. was in full swing. Over the next  23 years Jonathan has hired, trained and employed hundreds of painters, dozens of which have gone on to establish successful painting companies themselves.

Arising from a mutual need, Jonathan is now partnering with some of these past individuals to provide a solution to retaining current employees and bringing back the best who had left. Under the HOP Senior Tradesman Program, only superior-HOP trained painters are eligible. These individuals have been chosen due to their complete understanding of the quality preparation, integrity and painting execution that Hands On Painters expects. 

“This is a win-win opportunity for all. These business owners get the benefit of our advertising and administrative resources and we maintain some of our most talented  painters…AND our customers get quality workmanship!” says Jonathan.

These Senior Trandesman are fully  insured and backed by Hands on Painters!