Home school? Working from home? The color of your environment may help productivity!

Colors are all around us! They are part of all aspects of our daily lives and a big part of how we learn and remember things. Red means stop. Green means go. Colors send signals to our brains that make us hungry or sleepy. They can help us focus or distract.

According to a study by the University of British Columbia, certain colors can help concentration, attention span or help facilitate memory and learning. This study found that red and blue colors are the best for improving brain function. Red helps draw attention to important things. It can be stimulating, but can also cause nervousness and hunger. While blue seems to increase productivity. It is a “cool” color and actually can cause the body to produce chemicals that can slow down a your heart rate and relax/focus you.

Some research suggests that people doing intellectual work, are more productive in a blue environment. However, to “warm-up” a blue room, you should always balance it with warmer colors like yellow or orange.

A person’s age also impacts how color effects their learning environment. For instance, young children are more attracted to warm, bright colors, elementary-aged children prefer tints and pastels, middle school children like greens and blues, while high school students prefer darker colors like burgundy, gray, navy, dark green, and violet.

Although many families can’t afford to renovate their homes for school or work, they CAN redecorate. A fresh coat of the right color paint may help make you and your children more productive!