How Do You Get out of a Color Rut?

Trying to pick a color for a painting project? You look online to see that the latest color trend is the same old color. (Grays, anyone?) It doesn’t take long before specifying the same colors from project to project puts you in a color rut.

Encourage yourself to break free of the same-old, same-old can seem like a tough task, but there are effective methods to help expand your tastes and for you to stretch your palette.

You never know where you might be color-inspired. Heading outdoors is a great place to start — landscape and sky views offer soothing, unexpected color combinations. You might also visit museums and historic houses; they are rich with masterful color combinations.

Discovering unusual color combinations in rugs, textiles and other personal items is another straightforward way to reflect your tastes. And you might also consider alternative inspirations, such as capturing the colors of your favorite city or taking in the eye shadow wall at a makeup store. When you can describe the color inspirations used in your home or business to friends and family as clearly as you can envision them, it’s a sure win.