Spruce Up Your Kitchen for the Holidays

Staying home this holiday is the general theme for this season. People are trying new things and old traditions are getting virtual makeovers. So, if you have to stay home for the holidays, why not give the most lived in room in the house a fresh look. Your kitchen gets beat-up day-after-day…spills, splatters, scratches and dents…there IS hope for a quick fix.

Renew and update your kitchen colors with new warm earthy tones and textures. We can hand paint cabinets on site with fine nap rollers and detail brushes for a professional finish at a reasonable cost. With new bonding primers we can paint wood, wood-laminate, and metal cabinets without any problems. Semi-gloss/gloss finishes are easy to clean and reflect light which will make your kitchen look larger and brighter.

If you do not want to apply color to all of your cabinets, try painting just the bottom ones or just your island. Adding color to your trim or ceiling can also give an old space, new life. Accent paints are also available like chalkboard paint. Adding chalkboard paint to the sides of a cabinet or section of wall can be just the function and fun touch you have been looking for. Another easy way to update your kitchen is by changing, painting or adding a kitchen backsplash. It will not only protect the walls from grease and water, but it adds to the style of your work area.

If your outdated white refrigerator is still in good working order but has some wear and tear, consider painting it black. We use a semi-gloss enamel finish that hides rust and scratches, updates the finish and even prevents finger prints.

So, stop wishing for a way to refresh your kitchen without spending a ton on renovations. The answer is painting!