Summer Crankatudeituss?

pic_bedroomIs everyone in your house feeling a little over each other? Ready to enroll your spouse into some sort of adult summer camp? Are you just hoping for a break from the family for just one weekend?

You may be suffering from a case of  “Summer Crankatudeituss”.

It’s serious condition, but curable. Suggested cures are island vacations to Tahiti. If your HSA does not cover the recommended dosage of vacation getaways, talk to a professional about how you can seek alternative therapy. Your local professional painter can also offer help. They’ll work hard to freshen the color of your home, and your mind.

But seriously folks….

Did you know that the color of your home can set the tone for your total mind body and spirit? Call us today, and let us come and help brighten your every day outlook. It only takes a fresh coat to totally change how you feel about your home, and your family.

Be sure to follow the link above to learn more from Elle Decor about how color can improve your overall mood.