The Family Room – Organic & Modern

When you close your eyes and picture the perfect space for feeling at ease, it’s no surprise you might be thinking of the family room. It’s a warm and welcoming place where memories are made, and everyone feels at home. As we’re looking for ways to give this sacred space the style it deserves, we’re taking a look at how the organic modern trend is taking over.

Modern organic living room with exposed beams, minimalist furniture and neutral colors.
Featured Colors: Mystical Shade SW 6276 (Walls), Cool Beige SW 9086 (Ceiling), Angora SW 6036 (Foyer)


We’re warming up to a look that doesn’t belong to one design style, but three. When the clean lines of modern decor and the natural elements of bohemian design come together, they create a unique look. It’s a pairing that’s cozy and inviting, making it the perfect fit for family rooms and living rooms. Add a dash of minimalism to create an organic modern space where beauty and function go hand in hand.


Simple shapes and sleek silhouettes are the foundation of any modern style. When you’re looking for a softer touch, throw pillows and woven knits create an inviting and elevated combination. For an extra dose of earthy charm, bring the outdoors in. Adding greenery is one of the quickest ways to breathe life into your room.

Living room vignette featuring a floating cabinet Room is full of neutral colors and natural materials.
Featured Color: Angora SW 6036

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