To Paint or Not to Paint…

Painting is not always a maintenance item for your To-Do List. It can also be a relatively easy fix to create major curb appeal! Whether your home’s exterior is brick or siding (vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass or cement) paint can help improve the appearance affordably.

Here are some pros and cons;

PROS – Like many surfaces exposed to the weather, brick walls will eventually fade and wear down and siding can become dirty and faded. Painting your brick and siding exteriors is an easy way to take your home and transform it to something fresh and new. Painting also can offer needed protection for both surfaces.

CONS – Both brick and siding need proper preparation prior to painting or peeling, buckling or warping may be the result. Be sure you are committed to painting your brick because going back is often impossible and know that painted brick usually requires more maintenance and should be repainted every 3-5 years. Painted aluminum often has a chalky appearance and light-toned vinyl, if painted much darker, it can absorb the heat and may deform the vinyl.