Transform your Garage with Paint

Is your garage a cluttered mess? Are you struggling to find room for work, school & exercise as COVID restrictions continue and winter approaches? Well, you may have a new/valuable living space right in your backyard!

Converting your garage into a usable living space can add up to 600 square feet, assuming you have a two-car garage. The good news is that you’ll spend less than if you build an addition, it will take less time and a lot can be done with some cleaning, decluttering and paint! Simply painting floors, walls and ceilings will make your space look better, be easier to clean and make the inside of your garage look finished and decorated.

In general, neutral colors like gray, beige or tan will be easier to maintain. Also, a semigloss paint will make dirt less evident and is easy to clean. When choosing a garage floor paint, waterproof, oil and chemical resistant options are available. Remember, much like basements, garages can be a little damper than the rest of your home. To avoid mold and mildew, use moisture blocking paint. As far as color, if you want to hide tire marks and stains, choose a darker color.

You can transform your garage quickly from a damp, dirty storage space to a bright, dry usable part of your home that you can actually enjoy.