WE HAVE THE CURE FOR YOUR PPPSS! (Post Pandemic Paint Season Syndrome)

I’m sure you are seeing the signs of it now… as you see your kids bouncing off your walls (literally) , you have wiped things down so many times the paint is actually wearing off, you can’t stand the colors that you loved so much a few weeks ago… AND it is only going to get worse!

However, if you prepare now, you will become immune to PPPSS (Post Pandemic Paint Season Syndrome) . Some people will ignore this warning and think once quarantines are a distant memory, scheduling painting with qualified painters will be easy. Think again!


  1. Schedule an estimates NOW for interior and exterior painting, staining, and power washing, to be completed AFTER quarantine regulations have been lifted.
  2. Exterior Estimate will be completed with COMPLETE social distancing/NO CONTACT.
  3. Interior Estimates will be conducted via sending us your pictures and measurements or virtual review.
  4. No deposits. Just a signed contract.
  5. Work will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis with names going on a wait list after estimate is completed.
  6. Plus, take advantage of our 10.9% off (COVID-19 SUCKS) discount.