Just like the surf that inspired it, Silvermist’s cool tone can look both blue and green. You’ll be ready to embrace both as you drift away on the coastal vibes of this gentle hue that’s so serene, you’ll be dreaming of breezy ocean air.



The August palette brings the ocean home with just the right balance of delicate hues for creating a relaxed modern coastal space. At the center, you’ll find Silvermist. Its soft, misty blend of blue-green and slate gray undertones gives this hue an effortless versatility that makes it the perfect base color for evoking the casual, calming atmosphere of this look.

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Kick back and soak up the easy vibe of a seaside style that’s meant to feel relaxed, refreshing and full of endless possibility – just like the California coast. The beachy feel of this palette really starts to roll in as you begin to play with the lighter coordinate hues that echo Silvermist’s delicate undertones. Layer the soft gray of Drift of Mist with an iconic surf spray-inspired color like Sea Salt for a light and airy feel as breezy and bright as a summer day at the beach.

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Pay homage to classic coastal Nantucket navy with Big Dipper, a captivating coordinate color that’s just as much at home in Florida as it is in Maine. This alluring hue’s dark blue inkiness makes the perfect moody backdrop reminiscent of the depths of the sea. Embrace the enveloping, cozy feel it creates by pairing with warm wood tones and natural materials, and, to bring a note of harmony, carry Silvermist’s calming tone into the space through accents.

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