Before You Open Your Deck…

We’re still having some chilly days, but you can still smell that wonderful smell…it is sure to bring a smile to your face!Someone is cooking out! It’s like an instant summer party and you are ready to crash it! But not so fast, it’s time to get your deck ready for those summer parties before the furniture is hauled out of winter storage. Here are some tips to consider: Wash it!After the pollen falls, break out your hose and give it a good washing. Repair it! Check for loose boards, nails that are sticking up and rough/splintered boards. Stain it! All that might be enough, but you may need more to bring the life back to the wood you love to enjoy! Power washing and often, a cleaning with bio degradable deck wash, stain and reseal extends your deck’s life by years. If it is time for that, you have options! You can let the natural wood shine through, match grain colors or (blend in) stains and blemishes. Call us! We’ll have a “Pro” come out and take a look.

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