Expert Tips For Creating Color

Unifying rooms in your home can pose a challenge when you’re trying to choose the right paint colors. Don’t stress – here are a few tips to help you create a pleasing color flow from one area of your home to the next.

Bold Accents

Have your heart set on a bold color, but don’t want to overdo it? Use it as your primary color in one room, and as an accent color in the adjoining room to tie them together.

Neutral Walls

Want a wall color that will stand the test of time? Neutrals remain independent of style and trend, making them just right for anyone who wants a look that’s long-lasting and will carry throughout your home.

Entrance Halls

The foyer makes a great first impression when using a dramatic darker color in the entranceway, and a lighter color in the background. The contrast will make your living space seem more open and spacious when you walk in.

Trim Techniques

Trying to create harmony between a main room and an open stairway? Painting all of the trim the same color will make it work.

Remember, no matter what your tastes are, from romantic to rustic, and bright to neutral. There is always way to add just the right amount of color to your home.