How to spruce up your home for the holidays…with paint!

The holiday season is here and, even if you’re not planning on a full home makeover, you might consider some minor repainting to give the interior of your home a fresh look. With a few strokes of a brush, you can really make your home sparkle and leave a lasting impression on all those guests – both invited and unexpected!

Here’s some quick holiday painting ideas:

  1. Repainting heavy daily traffic areas, like hallways, foyers and kitchens can make a huge difference. These rooms get the most fingerprints and scuff marks.
  2. Bathrooms always take a beating. Look up, your guests will, do you have mold growing in the corners? Look down, have the walls near the toilet been clean recently?
  3. Walls look ok! How about your trim? Sometimes just repainting trim can make your room look brand new!
  4. Add an accent wall! Really want to impress? Paint the wall behind the bed in your guest room! Your guests will feel like they are in a fancy hotel!
  5. How about painting the inside of your bookcases?

Lots of people think painting is for the spring and summer, but with the help of our professional team, you’ll be ready to welcome all your holiday guests!

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