Red roses, red hearts, boxes of red chocolates…the color red is everywhere this month!

The color red is a warm and positive color associated with passion, energy, and action. It exudes a strong and powerful energy that excites emotions and motivates us to take action. It can be energizing and classic in a living room, spicy and appetizing in a kitchen, and a bit sensual in a bedroom. However, choosing the right red can be tricky. Here are some general guidelines; darker reds produce a soothing-calming effect, while bright or golden reds offer excitement. A shade that is too bright or too glossy will be hard to live with over time. Look for inspiration from items that you may own or find appealing, like a red velvet chair or tapestry. Another option, is to look to nature for inspiration. Natural red-clay colors can be very soothing. 

Whatever shade you choose, remember to get good quality paint and be prepared to use a grey prime coat and two to three coats of the red. Give us a call and we would “love” to help you plan your red room project!

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